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Some kids grow up loving music. From the time they are in their mother's womb, the sound of music soothes them and brings them joy. My daughter has always loved all kinds of music. When she was in my belly, I put all kinds of music on and placed a pair of headphones on my belly. The different types of music would produce different results - calming music soothed her and lively music made her active. Now that she is four, she is beginning to explore different instruments. If you have a child that loves music, this blog can help you find ways to expose him or her to continue learning about music.

When Music And Romance Meet: What You Need To Know About Becoming A Romantic Country Music Songwriter

15 August 2022
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Romance is at the heart of many country music songs and can be anything from sappy to serious. You are likely to have a few romantic country songs that are favorites and may wonder if you have what it takes to write a great country song. If you have decided to become a songwriter, learning a few things about romance and country music will help you write songs that your audience will relate to. Read More …

Are You In Need Of A Piano Tuner? 3 Tips To Help You Decide

13 June 2022
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Even with an excellent sense of pitch, it can be difficult for many people to tell when it is time to have their piano tuned because a piano does not go out of tune suddenly. Instead, this process happens slowly over the course of time. Consequently, it can be difficult to notice the small changes that take place resulting in a piano that is no longer tuned properly. Thankfully, there are some ways to determine whether or not you require the services of a piano tuner even if you are not able to hear the changes to your piano's pitch. Read More …

All You Need Is One Great Lyric And The Brain’s Ability To Make A Connection

20 April 2022
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Writing a great song often boils down to connecting an almost universal human experience to a single "idea lyric" that may or may not seem related to the experience itself. Once you have the idea, the brain's power to make random connections fires up, and the lyrics and music just start pouring out (hopefully). The idea lyric needs to be an integral part of the song structure, but it can also be anything, from something to concrete to an abstract concept. Read More …

Keys To Choosing A Radio Music Streaming Platform

9 February 2022
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If you want to listen to radio music online, there are plenty of streaming platforms available today. However, there's probably one platform in particular that will suit your needs perfectly, and you can find it using these insights. Decide Between Free and Paid Platforms In terms of the cost, you can either go with an online radio music platform that's free or costs money. The free option is great if you don't want to commit financially to one of these platforms, at least not yet. Read More …

Choose A Digital Piano That Lets You Create These Sounds

15 December 2021
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Buying a digital piano offers a long list of advantages for players of all abilities. If you have a small condo or apartment, you'll appreciate the compact size of a digital piano, for example. These musical instruments also have a wide range of features that you simply don't get with other pianos. If you're keen on creating as many unique sounds as possible when you play — perhaps because you want to record your music and share it with others — you'll want to choose a digital piano that offers a wide range of sound options. Read More …