When Music And Romance Meet: What You Need To Know About Becoming A Romantic Country Music Songwriter

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When Music And Romance Meet: What You Need To Know About Becoming A Romantic Country Music Songwriter

15 August 2022
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Romance is at the heart of many country music songs and can be anything from sappy to serious. You are likely to have a few romantic country songs that are favorites and may wonder if you have what it takes to write a great country song. If you have decided to become a songwriter, learning a few things about romance and country music will help you write songs that your audience will relate to.

Study the great songwriters

There is much to be learned by studying the famous country music writers and singers who write their own music. In fact, many of them have shared how they get inspired to write in their biographies. You will likely see a common thread throughout their conversations about song inspiration, which will give you some ideas for getting started.

Look at the current top hits

Though country romance songs can be timeless, there is a lot to be said about writing for what is relevant in today's culture. The best way to see what people are relating to and getting excited about is by looking at the current top hits in the romance genre of country music. Songs people can identify with are more likely to become top hits.

Draw from personal experience

Fiction and non-fiction writers of books will tell you they often write from their experiences and what they have been through in life is what inspired a great book. Writing songs is a lot like writing books because what you feel and have experienced is what will come out on paper as you write. Writing from your heart is a sure way to keep the songs you write unique and authentic.

Dare to be different

You have probably been told various things about what it takes to succeed in the songwriting industry and how you need to follow specific guidelines to get your songs out there to the public. However, never be afraid to take a different approach if it feels right to you. Writing relatable romance songs and your passion may be more important than having a social media presence with thousands of followers.

Writing romantic country music is no small task and can feel challenging at times. There are so many popular love songs in the country genre that you may wonder how you can find anything new to write about. However, creating romantic music that speaks to the heart of your future listeners is possible when you follow your own heart and write from personal experience.

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