Are You In Need Of A Piano Tuner? 3 Tips To Help You Decide

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Are You In Need Of A Piano Tuner? 3 Tips To Help You Decide

13 June 2022
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Even with an excellent sense of pitch, it can be difficult for many people to tell when it is time to have their piano tuned because a piano does not go out of tune suddenly. Instead, this process happens slowly over the course of time. Consequently, it can be difficult to notice the small changes that take place resulting in a piano that is no longer tuned properly. Thankfully, there are some ways to determine whether or not you require the services of a piano tuner even if you are not able to hear the changes to your piano's pitch. 

#1: Listen For A Buzz Or Twang 

If your piano is in tune, each and every note that you play should be clear and concise. If you notice a buzzing or a twang at the end of the note, this is a sign that your piano needs to be tuned. In many cases it can be difficult to hear this sound while playing a melody since one key can cancel out the twang produced by another key. Consequently, it is always best to listen for these sounds when playing a basic scale. 

#2: Too Much Time Has Passed

All pianos will gradually go out of tune regardless of how well they are cared for or how proficiently they are played. This means that all piano owners will need to have their instrument tuned from time to time. There are many factors that can influence how often a piano needs to be tuned. However, most pianos will need to be tuned annually even if there are not any outside conditions that speed up the need for these services. If too much time has passed since you last had your piano tuned, it is time to once again make use of piano technician services. 

#3: Let An App Do The Listening For You

While you may not be able to notice small changes to the pitch of your piano, these changes are easy to detect using a piano tuning app. The ways these apps work are really quite simple. Just download the app to your smartphone or other compatible device and allow the app to listen while you play the piano. If your piano is out of tune, the app will be able to detect the notes that are not playing properly. This is a very simple way to determine whether or not it is time to contact a piano tuner even if you are not yet familiar with how your piano should sound when properly tuned.