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kids and music - changing their lives

Some kids grow up loving music. From the time they are in their mother's womb, the sound of music soothes them and brings them joy. My daughter has always loved all kinds of music. When she was in my belly, I put all kinds of music on and placed a pair of headphones on my belly. The different types of music would produce different results - calming music soothed her and lively music made her active. Now that she is four, she is beginning to explore different instruments. If you have a child that loves music, this blog can help you find ways to expose him or her to continue learning about music.

Become A Faster Guitar Picker With These Tips

7 June 2016
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If you're constantly attempting to play your favorite songs on the guitar but are having trouble playing them at the necessary tempo, you're not alone. Playing quickly is something that challenges many players, and it's easy for your picking accuracy to suffer as soon as you begin increasing your tempo. While continued practice will certainly help, it's also possible to improve your speed by making some adjustments with your picking hand. Read More …

3 Jukebox Repair Tips

12 March 2016
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Jukeboxes are fun ways to play music and, if you own a business, are also a great way to make a bit of money. They can, however, be fickle beasts occasionally, and, like all machines, do require maintenance and repair. Throughout the course of this brief guide, you will learn of a few jukebox repair tips that will help keep your jukebox in top form and continuously playing all of the best hits from this century and the last. Read More …

How To Get Your Children To Be Responsible For Their Piano Playing

13 January 2016
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When your kids first started taking their piano lessons they were probably excited and very willing to practice every day. Now you might be frustrated that the piano isn't even touched very often. If you want your kids to be serious about playing the piano, here are some ideas that might help. Have A Heart-to-Heart Talk With Your Children - Sit down with your children individually and talk to them about their piano playing. Read More …

Little Musicians: Things To Consider Before You Sign Your Child Up For Guitar Lessons

2 December 2015
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If you're like most parents, you probably feel excited if your child expresses an interest in learning to play the guitar. You want to provide your child with the best opportunities to learn, and you are willing to cheer them on as they learn a new skill. However, playing the guitar requires specific skills that your child may not have developed yet. Being realistic regarding your child's ability to learn to play the guitar can mean the difference between a positive and a negative experience. Read More …

3 Tips For Planning An Irish-Themed Wedding Reception

18 November 2015
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Are you planning to celebrate your Irish heritage by having an Irish-themed wedding celebration? This is a great way to plan a wedding that is both unique and full of elements that are personally meaningful to you, and perhaps to many of your guests as well. Take a look at some tips that will help you plan the perfect Irish wedding reception. Food A traditional Irish wedding feast is a potluck held at a bride's house. Read More …