Become A Faster Guitar Picker With These Tips

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Become A Faster Guitar Picker With These Tips

7 June 2016
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If you're constantly attempting to play your favorite songs on the guitar but are having trouble playing them at the necessary tempo, you're not alone. Playing quickly is something that challenges many players, and it's easy for your picking accuracy to suffer as soon as you begin increasing your tempo. While continued practice will certainly help, it's also possible to improve your speed by making some adjustments with your picking hand. When it comes to guitar drills, the fretting hand often gets the most attention, but spending equal time developing your skills with your picking hand (the right hand, for most people) can dramatically improve your aptitude as a player. Here are some tips to employ.

Slide Your Fingers Toward The Tip Of The Pick

Holding the pick with your fingers closer to the back end might feel comfortable, given that the pick is wider in this area, but this grip can jeopardize your ability to pick notes quickly and accurately. To have better control and speed, simply slide your fingers toward the tip of the pick. This means that less pick will be sticking out between your fingers, which can take a little getting used to. The benefit, however, is that the pick will almost seem like an extension of your fingers, rather than a long object that you're holding.

Learn Alternate Picking

You'll likely never be able to play at your desired quick speed unless you fully embrace alternate picking. When you're a beginner, you typically concentrate on downward picking; that is, picking each string with a downward motion similar to strumming the guitar. In alternate picking, you pick down once, and then pick up once. Try this up-down rhythm while moving through a few basic scales. You'll almost certainly notice that your playing is quicker within minutes, and you'll likely also hear more of a flow from note to note, rather than a truncated choppiness.

Reconsider Your Pick Angle

Just as the grip you employ on the pick is important, you should also consider the angle at which the tip of the pick sticks through your fingers. If you make the mistake of having the pick square to the strings or even slightly pointed back toward your wrist, you'll find that it's only natural to slow down your picking pace. However, if you slightly point the tip toward the guitar's headstock, you'll be able to pick more quickly. Give it a try and, with a little practice, you'll likely see your tempo picking up. For more information about guitar picks, contact a company like DG Inc.