3 Jukebox Repair Tips

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3 Jukebox Repair Tips

12 March 2016
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Jukeboxes are fun ways to play music and, if you own a business, are also a great way to make a bit of money. They can, however, be fickle beasts occasionally, and, like all machines, do require maintenance and repair. Throughout the course of this brief guide, you will learn of a few jukebox repair tips that will help keep your jukebox in top form and continuously playing all of the best hits from this century and the last.


Since the aesthetics of all jukeboxes differ, repairing the outside housing or casing can differ from unit to unit. There are some tips that simply work for all jukeboxes, however. For example, if the wood on the jukebox has been stained, you can sand it off in order to refinish it. Metals can also be sanded if they have been subject to corrosion or you simply do not like the paint job. Often times they can be refinished with the proper spray lacquer. More complex elements, like neon tubing and chrome, most likely need to be ordered from a specialist and installed by a professional.

Record Selection Issues

You may find that there are times when your jukebox seems to be working perfectly fine, but then ceases playing after it spins a few records. It will then not play anymore music until it is unplugged and subsequently plugged back in. This is most likely due to a problem with the power tubes that are used to control and supply voltage to vintage jukeboxes. This is generally an easy fix, which simply involves replacing the power tubes or pulse amplifier. There may be another cause for this issue, as well. Many times, the power supply for the record selection may simply be overheating.

Coin and Battery Operated Jukeboxes

Many jukeboxes were originally in commercial use, which means that they are coin operated. There is, however, a battery operation that can override the coin operation, which is in use by many private jukebox owners. Sometimes this operation can malfunction, which will reset the unit back to coin operation. This usually requires that you replace the battery.

There might be various reasons for your jukebox malfunctioning or they simply might be in a state of disrepair. Hopefully, you've gained a bit of insight into what may be causing an issue with your jukebox and to what ends you can repair the issue on your own.