How To Choose The Right Keyboard Stand

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How To Choose The Right Keyboard Stand

7 August 2016
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A keyboard needs a good stand to be played to its fullest. While you may have simply placed it on a countertop, or even the ground, when you were a beginner, as your skills and commitment to the instrument increase you will need to upgrade to a real stand. The following guide can help you select the best style for your needs.


Stands come in two styles when it comes to compatibility with the keyboard—fixed or adjustable. The adjustable stand offers the most versatility since it will fit a wide range of keyboard sizes. A fixed stand is sized specifically to your keyboard, which means you may need to purchase a new stand if you ever upgrade to a larger keyboard.

Height adjustments

Almost all stand styles offer limited height adjustment since it is very important that the stand is positioned correctly to the player. If you have multiple players of varying heights, such as both children and adults, opt for a stand that adjusts quickly and has a large range of heights. X-style stands are a good option—these use a design similar to an ironing boards legs, which means you can quickly raise and lower the stand. These stands are also very sturdy, which is a good choice when children may be playing.

Keyboard weight

Weight can also have a bearing on your stand choice. Mixer stands, sometimes called Z-stands because of the shape of their legs, are of professional quality. They can support the weight of a very heavy keyboard while remaining steady. Although adjustable, they do not have a quick adjustment option so they aren't always a good choice if you need to cater to multiple players.


If you travel with your keyboard, or simply need to stow it away between uses, portability is probably a major concern. Fortunately, most X-shaped stands fold flat with the press of a button. This means you can easily slide them into the trunk or under the bed for storage. Some mixer stands can be disassembled for transport or storage, but it isn't usually a quick process.


There are also options you can have added to a stand. A double keyboard stand, for example, has room for a second smaller keyboard above the main keyboard. Microphone attachments may also be necessary, depending on your needs. You can even purchase stands with attached music stands so you don't have to use a separate music stand to hold your play list.

Talk to a music accessories shop for more help in finding the perfect stands for your needs. Companies like The Music House may be able to help.