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Some kids grow up loving music. From the time they are in their mother's womb, the sound of music soothes them and brings them joy. My daughter has always loved all kinds of music. When she was in my belly, I put all kinds of music on and placed a pair of headphones on my belly. The different types of music would produce different results - calming music soothed her and lively music made her active. Now that she is four, she is beginning to explore different instruments. If you have a child that loves music, this blog can help you find ways to expose him or her to continue learning about music.

Tips For Planning Your Next Visit To A Country Concert

22 November 2019
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Is there a country band on tour that will be coming to a city near you and you want to go? Make sure that you are treating yourself to some tickets and then start thinking about the ways in which you can make the most out of your fun night out. Here are some of the various ways you will want to prepare for your next country concert outing: Consider Buying Lawn Tickets Read More …

Capturing The Younger Listener With High-Quality R&B Music Videos

27 August 2019
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Your R&B band brings in good audiences every time you play but you just can't seem to convert that into sales. That's because you're probably not marketing yourself with new R&B artist music videos. This option is critical because it can help capture the attention of the youth market more likely to buy albums. Music Videos Remain an Important Element for Bands As online streaming and other internet music resources overtake physical media, it is important for R&B artists to capture the passing attention of a broad array of potential customers and not just those who go to concerts. Read More …

3 Things A Music Mastering Service Can Do With Your Music Mix Once You’ve Finished Recording

28 June 2019
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When you are creating a music recording that you plan to distribute to recording studios and producers, it is an absolute must that the music is the best quality. Unfortunately, most recording artists do not have the professional sound-recording equipment to create the most finely tuned tracks. Therefore, it is important to work with a music mastering service to really bring up the quality of the recording so what you offer makes the best impressions on the recipient. Read More …

3 Instrumental Tips When Using The Guitar To Create Christian Music

29 March 2019
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One instrument that's heavily used in Christian music today is the guitar. It helps create inspirational tones and chords, which are instrumental for this music genre. If you're looking to create your own Christian music with a guitar, these tips are important to consider.  Record Each Session  Starting out, you probably don't know what direction you want to go in when creating Christian guitar music. That's perfectly okay in the beginning. Read More …

How To Choose The Right Keyboard Stand

7 August 2016
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A keyboard needs a good stand to be played to its fullest. While you may have simply placed it on a countertop, or even the ground, when you were a beginner, as your skills and commitment to the instrument increase you will need to upgrade to a real stand. The following guide can help you select the best style for your needs. Measurements Stands come in two styles when it comes to compatibility with the keyboard—fixed or adjustable. Read More …