4 Things That Every New Guitarist Should Know

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4 Things That Every New Guitarist Should Know

24 May 2021
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Have you decided to learn how to play the guitar but are completely new to the instrument? It will help to know the following things as you start to learn how to play.

Keep Your Guitar Out Of The Case

While you may have a nice case for your guitar, consider keeping it outside of the case and on display. If the instrument is out of sight, it is also going to be out of mind. You may be surprised at how much more frequently you pick up the guitar to play it when you see it out and can simply pick it up for a few minutes. If you are going into a closet or under the bed to find the case, you are not going to do it as frequently. Try to play for at least five minutes every day so that you don't neglect your new instrument.

Learn To Play Chords Well 

A common mistake that people make when learning the guitar is trying to learn popular riffs and struggling through them. It's always a good idea to start off by learning how to play chords so that they sound great. If you can't master how to play a single chord beautifully every time, you are not going to string multiple chords together and have it sound good. 

Use A Metronome 

Playing guitar also means that you have to play in time and keep a steady beat. If you have a background in percussion instruments, this can come naturally. However, others may have trouble keeping that steady beat. That's why it is a good idea to use a metronome when starting out to help keep you on the beat. You can eventually stop using the metronome when you get more used to the beat that you are trying to play to. If you are recording your songs on your computer, play the metronome in your headphones so that you don't hear the clicking in your recording.

Take Lessons

Don't be afraid to sign up for guitar lessons when you are just starting out. There are a lot of basics that it helps to know from the start, and having the fundamentals in place is going to help you continue to improve with your guitar playing. You don't have to take lessons forever, but those initial lessons can be what really makes a difference in how you grow your skills.