How To Get The Perfect Bass Face With Online Bass Lessons

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How To Get The Perfect Bass Face With Online Bass Lessons

5 October 2020
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There's no ugly face so coveted as the legendary 'bass face'. This occurs when a bassist hits a series of notes so sweet they can't help but curl their face into an appreciable scowl. Perfect your scowl like the bass legends before you with practice and proper instruction. Taking bass lessons online is a great way to social distance while still learning from top instructors. 

In this article, you'll discover how to succeed at online bass lessons and finally perfect your 'bass face'.

Tune-up Before Hand

To get the most out of your lessons and get the mug of your dreams, prepare your bass and work space ahead of time. Make sure you have the equipment necessary for the session to go smoothly. If you are in a one-on-one with an instructor, test your microphone and camera. You want them to have a full view of your positioning, posture, and technique. Some people prefer to stand while learning, so make preparations for this ahead of time with the camera. 

Lacking a signal is the enemy of effective internet lessons. A strong WiFi signal will keep your lesson running smoothly for the entire duration. Check it and reset your WiFi if needed beforehand. In addition to equipment, make sure you are prepared with your lesson material and are in a private area where you won't be disturbed. Tune your bass and warmup up before your call so as to spend the most time possible on active learning.

Choose an Instructor That Slaps Your Face Off

In short, choose an instructor that can play and knows how to teach. There are many great bass players online that offer to teach lessons, but teaching is a skill not everyone has. You want an instructor that tests your current ability via a consultation, asks about your goals, then offers a curriculum to help you reach those goals in a structured way. This doesn't mean you have mundane homework assignments, but good bass teachers help you learn more than a few riffs and chords. 

If the format you choose is an online video course, choose a system with lots of supplemental material. Also, make sure if you have any questions, there is help available.

Talk to Your Bass

The sweet nothings you whisper to your bass are your business. However, this tip refers more to your practice routine. To maximize the benefits of your online lessons, you must practice regularly and with intention. If your goals are to be a professional bassist you should be making your bass talk five or more days a week. If you want to be a hobbyist or are just into it because you've always wanted to learn, four or more days a week are good. Talk to your instructor to determine how long and how often is necessary to reach you preferred 'bass face' status. The more time you spend on the strings, the better.

Taking bass lessons online is a great way to keep up your chops during social distancing. Choose the program and instructor that can get you the results you're looking for. With time and effort you'll be mean-mugging the crowd in no time.