Benefits Of Submitting Your Band's Music To A Streaming Service

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Benefits Of Submitting Your Band's Music To A Streaming Service

9 June 2020
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If you play in a band, one of your goals may be to have more people hear your music. While you can create accounts on various websites and attempt to gain followers, another option is to check out some music radio streaming services. Many of these services accept submissions from artists — a quick visit to a streaming service's website will indicate whether artists are able to submit their music for consideration. If you've found a streaming service that is accepting music, here are some benefits of pursuing this opportunity.

More Exposure

Having a music streaming service decide to play your music — especially if it chooses to do so in a regular rotation — can be instrumental in providing exposure for your band. Regardless of where you're based, the streaming service can allow people around the world to hear your content. This can provide an unparalleled level of exposure for you, which is especially valuable when your band is relatively new. While touring will also bring exposure, the reality is that your financial limitations will impact how often you tour and how far you travel.

Increased Confidence

Having more people hear your music through their favorite streaming service can bolster your confidence. For example, you may find that fans are starting to reach out to you because they've heard your music on the streaming service. You may notice that your social media follower counts begin to grow across various platforms and that people start to send you messages of encouragement. For example, someone from across the country might message you on social media to say that he or she really loves your music. This confidence that you get can compel you to continue pushing forward with your music career, even when you come up against obstacles.

Help With Opportunities

You may feel as though your band has the skills to really break out — but that you just need a few good opportunities to come your way. Having a music streaming service play your music can help with opportunities in a few different ways. For example, when you're applying to play at a certain event or a venue, you can include in your application that you're featured on the streaming service. This adds credibility to your band and could be the difference in you being added to the bill at a venue or a festival. Additionally, if your music catches on in a different state because of the streaming service, you may decide that it's worthwhile to go on tour in that area.